Discovery Tools

Keais can help you find patient information you are looking for but cannot locate using traditional discovery methods. Our Discovery Tools are fast and effective ways to find key information that impacts the value of your file.

Hospital Finder Report

A Hospital Search can acquire important facts relating to a patient’s accident or injury. They are extremely effective in uncovering pre-existing and intervening injuries.

Physician Search Report

Physician Searches can be beneficial if you are trying to track a minor accident injury, pre- existing condition, or recurring treatments. They are especially helpful to locate physicians treating your patient when you are searching in a rural area. Unless directed otherwise, Keais will search for Family Practice Physicians. If you are looking for a specific type of physician, let us know and we can search by specialty.

Pharmacy Finder Report

With a Pharmacy Search, Keais obtains the dates your patient receives prescriptions at pharmacies in his/her area. If the patient received more than one prescription, then the date will appear more than one time.

Urgent Care Report

A Keais Clinic Search will provide locations of treatment when a hospital visit was not necessary. It will list the dates a patient was treated at each clinic.

Chiropractor Finder Report

A Chiropractor Search identifies any pre-existing injuries your patient may have had such as back treatments or neck problems. It can easily help mitigate claims with facts such as dates, injuries, and treatments.