Records Retrieval

For 40 years, insurance carriers, TPAs and law firms have relied on Keais to provide the best product and turnaround time in their outsourcing of medical records retrieval. Whether looking to reduce LAE, resolve cases faster or spend time on more critical case matters, Keais offers nationwide coverage in all 50 states and a portfolio of services to help our clients meet these goals.

Records Retrieval

Keais specializes in retrieval of all types of records via subpoena and/or authorization. We retrieve records from hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, payroll / personnel, insurance claims, business records, Medicare, IRS, Social Security and all other private and government entities.

Case Management Protocol

Keais CMP™ is our thirty-eight step case management protocol that includes five quality assurance checkpoints. All steps are carefully followed on every order to improve efficiency, prevent errors in order processing and to quickly retrieve your record order.

National Account Managers

Having a National Account Manager is one of the most valued services of our clients. This personalized service and our high-tech support are unique features that set Keais apart from other record retrieval companies.

Orgnanized Records

The majority of our clients obtain their records chronologically organized by record type. Records are bookmarked for easy navigation, Bates Numbered and saved as a PDF or TIFF file prior to being placed in our secure image repository for convenient access.

HIPAA Compliance

In addition to constant security monitoring, we conduct employee background checks and provide HIPAA education to all employees to protect the health information obtained for our clients. Our Privacy Officer monitors regulatory changes to mitigate the risk of any data privacy and security breaches.